We have had such positive feedback on our products with some of our customers making video testimonials to share.

Thank you to all our customers and in particular to those who have shared their stories in this way, so that their experiences can hopefully help others.

Anxiety and Depression

Richard suffered from anxiety and depression for years. Not only did this affect him, but affected his family and friends. Richard starting taking our CBD Oil – The Original – in March 2020 and made this video after 3 weeks of taking the oil. This is a shortened 45s video.

The full video (almost 8mins) can be found here

Crohns and Back Pain

David is a golf professional from Essex. As both a player and coach, David had seen his ability to do his job and play the game he loves severely restricted.

Richard starting taking our CBD Oil – The Original – in December 2019 and we made this video with him 6 weeks later. At the time of making this video he was down from taking 36 tablets a day to just 1. We are so happy to report he now longer takes any medication at all.

Arthritis and Pain

Brenda bought 21Atoms CBD oil for her husband Gordon. Gordon had been suffering from Arthritis for years and his movement had become significantly reduced causing him to use a walking stick and give up many activities he enjoyed like gardening.

After a few weeks of using our oil, Gordon not only had no more pain and stoped using any pain medication, but he stopped using his walking stick, was back in the garden and also managed to surprise is his consultant surgeon.

Coming Soon

ADHD and Poor Sleep

Lauren is in her early 30s and began using our CBD Oil in November 2019. This is an email she sent to our CEO

“Hey Uday!!! This stuff is AMAZING!!!! I am regretting the past 32 years of not having this in my life. Not only have my nightmares reduced dramatically and I have gotten into an actual bedtime routine. But I have also discovered that my sugar cravings are a thing of the past 😳 being ADHD we crave sugary food as our minds trick us and says it will give us energy. Yeah, a sugar rush and then withdrawal. Not fun but so addictive. The 21 atoms cannabinoid oil has literally stopped these cravings in their tracks and so has saved my waist from further damage. Plus my skin is glowing. Is this normal, I have psoriasis like really bad. Stress and anxiety is a trigger and no more anxiety and it appears no more psoriasis. Seriously, you guys should be given a Nobel peace prize! And so sorry for the delay in responding. It has been a manic one with the kids to kick off the Christmas celebrations…  thank you again from the bottom of my heart xxx”

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